About Nomadic

We see our main task in life to leave a healthy, happy world behind for our children!
Therefore our shop is powered with green electricity by AAE (AlpeAdriaEnergy), mainly from very small water powerplants.

We chose to represent the grassroots sandal production of Nomadic State Of Mind from California, because the whole project bears very high standards for ecology & fairness. Also we couldn’t find anything nearly adequate here in Europe. It’s just too well made, too comfy,… 😉

The Nomadic short-story:
The inventor of this artisan technique, Chris, started off by selling the sandals out of his VW-bus. Up to now it has evolved to a small family enterprise, that has a big part of their production in a small Nicaraguan village. There the sandals are handmade for a fair exchange of wage to support the community with a regular income. The rope leftovers of sandal production are bound to smaller gadgets like the bottle carriers.
Up to this date, Nomadic State Of Mind is sold in many countries auround the globe, not being a “multi”, but still keeping its grassroots in healthy soil for everybody.

The material:
The rope is made of recycled, 100 % clean polypropylene (PP), which is free of any dangerous additives, very stable, soft & comfortable, machine washable, bleachable, super lightweight, vegan and colorfast.
It’s one of the less problematic forms of plastic, especially when recycled.
Unforunately so far it is not possible by known techniques, to use natural fiber for really longlasting shoes… they’ve tried.
Wikipedia on Polypropylene

You can find more information on the original Nomadic-website:


If you are interested to have Nomadic sandals for your shop in Austria, please contact us on office@nomadicstateofmind.at